The "Destination: Cars Land" Rose Parade Float was one of the floats in the 124th Rose Parade on January 1st, 2013.

Float Details

Front Part

On the front, there is Lightning McQueen (Cars 2 design) with Sally Carrera, on a road above the Cars Land logo. There are some tractors surrounding the sign. Behind them was Flo's V8 Cafe, the Cozy Cone Motel, and Mater's Junkyard. Behind that were a few tires, some with flowers in them. One of them has a seat for two people.

Back Part

There is a stand on the front for some people to stand on. Behind them is Willy's Butte and the Radiator Cap Mountain, with cars racing around them, to resemble Radiator Springs Racers. On the sides are the Disney's California Adventure logo. You can also see Luigi and Guido on top of Willy's Butte. On the back, there is a huge license plate that says "CARS LND."


The float entered the parade just fine, with everything working fine. Some of the people who work at Cars Land were dancing on the float, with two people sitting on a tire, and Get Your Kicks On Route 66 was playing. Suddenly, the ride broke down. Luckily, Mater with some human repair men came to fix the float. The repair men got the wires from Mater's tow cable and plugged them into the float. Mater warned them to be careful and to put the plus with the plus and the minus with the minus. With a count down from 3, the float was back and running again. The dancers continued dancing and the song continued playing.

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