Alexander Hugo is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

Alexander is a black car who works as part of the personal guard of Victor Hugo. He is part of the Hugo family that works with Professor Z. He is the only black Hugo that talks in the film. He appears to be close friends with Ivan.



Alexander Hugo: "Gremlins, man, those are some ugly cars. Look like someone stole their trunks!"
(Alex, Ivan, and the other black Hugos laugh)
Holley Shiftwell (Italian accent): (something in Italian). "My grand-a father has-a broken down. If-a one of-a you would help, I would be so thankful."
Ivan: "Sounds like you need some roadside assistance."
Alexander Hugo: "She was talking to me, Ivan!"
Ivan: "Oh, really? Prove it!" (hits Alexander Hugo)
Holley Shiftwell (still Italian accent): "No, no, no! Don't-a fight over me. Signore Tow Truck, per favore."
—Alexander Hugo, Ivan, and the other black Hugos meet Holley, whom they don't know is a spy.
Mater: "Wow! This place looks like it's made out of gold!"
Holley Shiftwell: "That's because it is, Mater. Now, be careful what you say."
Mater: "Why is that? What do you mean don't talk to you? So you want me to stop talking to you, right now?"
Alexander Hugo: "You are acting strange today, Ivan."
Mater: "I have no idea what you're talking about, Alexander Hugo, A.K.A. Chop Shop Alex. Hey, you got a lot of A.K.A.'s, Alex, but I guess that makes sense, seeing as how you's wanted in France, Germany, the Czech Republic..."
Holley Shiftwell: "Mater! Stop it!"
Alexander Hugo: "Okay, okay! Keep your voice down! You're gonna make me arrested!" (whispers to another Hugo): "Don't mess with Ivan today. He is in a bad mood."
—Mater, disguised as Ivan, talking to Alexander Hugo.
Alexander Hugo: "Isn't this a great party, Ivan? Huh?"
Mater: "Oh, yeah, it's unbelievable."
Alexander Hugo: "You are not leaving, are you?"
Mater: "Uh, of course I ain't leaving."
—Alexander Hugo and Mater, disguised as Ivan.