Bruiser Bukowski is one of Chick Hicks' pitties.


Bruiser Bukowski has been part of Chick Hicks's pit crew for ten long years. Before that they were in high school together, and before that they were in drama club together. Bruiser is Chick's number-two fan, only because the number-one spot was already taken, by Chick himself.

Along with being enemies with Lightning McQueen, he despises and envies Luigi and Guido for their pit stop skills.


Cars Race-O-Rama

Bruiser is a playable character in the Guido Kart Races in Cars Race-O-Rama.


  • According to Cars Finder, Bruiser is a Shystermatic Snickermobile with a mustache hookup. "Shyster" is a term that describes an unfair, unethical, unscrupulous person.



  • "You stupid idiot!"

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