Tales From Radiator Springs - Bugged01:38

Tales From Radiator Springs - Bugged

Bugged is the second episode of Cars Toons: Tales from Radiator Springs. It first aired on Disney Channel on March 22nd, 2013.[1]


Red was watering his flowers when a bug flies up to his face. Red blew it away, but it came back. He tried blowing it more, but it was still coming back. He tried shaking it off, and even honking his horn, but it still wouldn't leave. Then, he tried to splash water on it, and it worked. He was happy, until he saw the bug on Stanley's statue, he was sad, covered with water, and couldn't fly. Red blowing him dry, and he was able to fly again. Red watched the bug fly away, and went back to watering his flowers. However, the bug came back, with two more bugs. The bugs still bothered him, but he still continued watering his flowers.



  • This is the first Cars short to not feature dialogue.


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  1. Three ‘Cars’ Shorty Shorts Debut Tonight On Disney Channel

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