Cars: Reality Check is a movie.

Official Description

Start your engines! It's time for action, excitement, thrills and spills! Join Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, and the rest of the gang as they star in their very own reality TV shows. See what happens when Sarge and Luigi battle it out on "Car Chefs". Then on "The Junkyard Run", McQueen, Mater and Guido race for the ultimate trophy. And when the cars get marooned on a deserted island, their victory depends on the "Survival of the Fittest Car". So get ready for an amazing adventure with all of your favorite cars!


It is a very busy day in Radiator Springs, as the cars are now starring in their very own reality TV shows. First, Mater and Luigi host "Sports Chat", where they discuss the latest sporting events in Radiator Springs. They receive an update from "The Pitty Games", an extreme sports competition for forklifts. During the competition, Guido sets records for speed, pole-vaulting, and high-diving. Meanwhile, Chick Hicks and Sheriff are shown skydiving.

Next, Chick Hicks hosts "Car Chefs", a cooking show where cars have to prepare special dishes. Sarge, who appears as a chef on the show, challenges Luigi to a cooking competition. The main ingredient is revealed to be baby corn. Luigi puts his baby corn on a bed of lettuce, while Sarge prepares a special dish called "Corn on the Blob". After the celebrity judges try to determine a victor, Chick tries both Sarge and Luigi's corn dishes, but he dislikes them both and comments that "they both stink".

The next reality show is called "The Junkyard Run". The cars have to race to Las Vegas, and the winning team would receive a silver Piston Cup trophy. The cars are divided into three teams: Lightning McQueen & Chick Hicks, Mater & Sarge, and Sheriff & Guido. The race is started by Stewart the Steamroller (who also hosts the show).

During the race, Mater and Sarge crash after hitting ice cubes that were blocking the road. Meanwhile, McQueen and Chick are in the pits. After being refueled and fitted with fresh tires, the two race cars try to catch up with the other competitors. Suddenly, McQueen notices a cliff up ahead, but fortunately, he and Chick both manage to stop in time. However, Mater and Sarge aren't so lucky, as they fall off the cliff. But then Mater activates his rocket jets, and he flies away with Sarge in tow.

Then, McQueen notices Sheriff and Guido approaching, and after they bump into him and Chick, McQueen politely asks Sheriff to back up. Sheriff refuses, but after Chick angrily yells at him, he does so, but accidentally falls off the cliff. Meanwhile, Mater and Sarge are ahead of everyone else, until Mater's rocket jets break, and he and Sarge fall and land right next to Guido and Sheriff.

The race continues, and after Sheriff, Guido, Mater and Sarge crash (Sheriff and Guido end up in a water fountain while Mater and Sarge end up in a church), Chick and McQueen are the only racers left. However, they are teleported into a spaceship and the silver Piston Cup is given to two robot cars who happen to be counterparts of McQueen and Chick.

The next show is called "Survival of the Fittest Car", where nine cars (Mater, Fillmore, Sarge, Guido, Luigi, Flo, Ramone, Sheriff, and Chick Hicks) get stranded on a deserted island and must compete in order to win a million dollars. While McQueen explains the competition, Chick forms a secret alliance with Sheriff, Ramone, Sarge, and Guido and tells them that they will vote everyone else off the show until they are the only ones left (secretly planning to get rid of them as well and win the entire series).

The first competition is for the Immunity Trophy. The cars have to race down the beach, and whoever picks up the bucket at the end of the finish line and brings it back wins. During the race, Chick, being the ruthless competitor he is, decides to cheat. He ties a rope to the branch of a tree for Flo to get caught, digs a hole for Mater to fall in, and distracts Guido by making him run after a tire. Chick picks up the bucket, and brings it back to McQueen. That night, Flo is voted off the show.

The next day, it is time for another competition. This time, it's a shelter-building contest. Mater builds a coconut hut, while Chick builds a shelter out of wood. That night, everyone votes Fillmore off the show, as he was criticizing everyone else's shelters.

The next day, it is time for another challenge, which involves catching a fish and eating it between two slices of bread. Guido wins the competition because the other cars had trouble finding the fish. That night, Mater is voted off the show, much to Chick's delight.

The next day, it is time for a sandcastle-building competition. Most of the sandcastles get knocked down by waves, and Guido and Ramone are the only winners. That night, Sheriff is voted off the show. Sheriff angrily blames Chick for voting him off, and chases after him, threatening to "tar and feather" him.

The next challenge involves catching insects. However, most of the insects are too fast, and Luigi is the only one able to catch an insect (which happens to be a beetle). That night, Ramone is voted off the show.

The next day, four items disappear: a tire, an oil can, a paint brush, and a traffic cone. McQueen tells the competitors that whoever doesn't find one of these objects must leave the show. Luigi finds the tire, Sarge finds the oil can, and Chick finds the paint brush, but Guido does not find the traffic cone, so he is told by McQueen that he must leave the show.

The next day, McQueen sets up an obstacle course. The cars must drive around the traffic cones, past the boulder, and under the bridge. During the competition, Chick hits the traffic cones and Sarge crashes into the boulder. Luigi successfully makes it under the bridge, and wins the competition. That night, Luigi decides to vote Sarge off the show.

The next day, Luigi and Chick have to race to the top of Mount Motorama. Chick is determined to win, but Luigi manages to overtake him. Luigi makes it to the top of Mount Motorama first. Chick, furious about losing, climbs the mountain after Luigi, and says that he is sick and tired of always losing to other cars. Suddenly, Chick loses his balance and falls off the mountain, landing in a volcano as McQueen thanks the viewers for watching "Survival of the Fittest Car".


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