Chick's Challenge is one of the Road Races in Cars: The Video Game


(Lightning McQueen drives into the gas station in Ornament Valley, and Vince, Barry, and Sonny are there)
Vince: "Hey look guys, it's the King of the Road."
Chick Hicks: (drives into the gas station) "Yeah, more like McQueen of the Road."
Lightning McQueen: "Hey, Chickster, what're you doing out here, dog?"
Chick Hicks: "Ehh, thought I might try out a few things I've learned."
Lightning McQueen: "Aww, you went back to school? Good for you, Chick. Maybe you'll even graduate this time. Education is so important."
Barry: "He's right, you know."
Vince: (hits Barry)
Barry: "Ow! You know, I spend a lotta time on my hood, and you hit it. He hits my hood. Watch the hood, okay?"
(a short moment of silence)
Chick Hicks: "Hey, Mr. Educated. You ready to get schooled?"


The race is 3 laps around Ornament Valley. You play as Lightning McQueen, and the other racers are Chick Hicks, Vince, Barry, and Sonny. 1st place gets 5 trophies, 2nd gets 3 trophies, and 3rd gets 2. The race is a little shorter than Ornament Valley Circuit.


(Lightning McQueen and Chick were driving down the road)
Lightning McQueen: "I forgot to tell you, Chick, the roads out here aren't like the tracks you and I are used to. No, they got these things called... right turns."
Chick Hicks: "Right turns. So what?! Wasn't a real race anyway. Nobody was here to see it, or watch us, nobody was there, like a... you know, if a tree falls in the forst and nobody, you know, doesn't get heard, does anybody see it? Or you know, hear it?"
Lightning McQueen: "Oh that's right. I forgot. You like using in front of a crowd. See you at the stadium."
Chick Hicks: "Yeah, yeah, right. Yeah, I'll see ya. If you ever make it there." (drives away)
Lightning McQueen: "What's that supposed to mean?"

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