"Don't take me out, Coach. I can still race!"
—Chuck Armstrong telling Tow not to take him out

Chuck Armstrong is a character in the movie Cars.


"Chuck Armstrong has always had a slight allergy to certain fuels. As a result those fuels make it a little difficult for him to be within a five foot radius of them. Once he started racing professionally, not only did the problem not go away, it actually got worse at high speeds. It got so bad the other cars didn't want to pass him. Chuck hopes he's a good example of how a problem can be an asset."

Chuck races for the team "Mood Springs". He was the most badly injured in the accident.

Cars: The Video Game

He appears in Cars: The Video Game but with #34 instead of #33 and has been renamed "Banks". He is seen in the 4th and back pack of all the Piston Cup Races.

Cars 3

Chuck is no longer the Mood Springs racer in Cars 3. He is replaced by Dud Throttleman and Ed Truncan.



  • Chuck resembles a modified Honda S2000.

    His Pitty Lance Lugnut

  • He is one of the 2 minor Piston Cup racers who can talk. The other one being Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • He is the only racer sponsored by Mood Spring who can talk as is replacements, Dud and Ed don't.
  • Even though he could run in the restart, he was seen in the pratice lap before the restart.