Cogan is the Italian manufacturer of kiddie rides.

Kiddie Rides

Princess Fairy Tales (NEW recruit for September 2016) Art: 790

Wild Boat (NEW recruit for September 2016) Art: 780

Crazy Clock (NEW recruit for September 2016) Art: 760

Riding Manny (licenced by Disney and Pixar) Art: LE15

Trophy Truck Art: 770

Dusty (licenced by Disney and Pixar) Art: LE16

Mine Race Art: 750

Super Buggy Art: 740

Speedy Carousel Art: 720

Space Adventure Art: 730

Swinging Smurfs (licenced by L.M.P.S.) Art: LE14

Cars - Double Race (licenced by Disney and Pixar) Art: LE10

Hello Kitty - Up & Down (licenced by Sanrio Co., LTD.) Art: LE09

The Smurfs Up And Down (licenced by L.M.P.S.) Art: LE08

Tom & Jerry Chopper (licenced by Warner Bros.) Art: LE06

Hello Kitty - Fun House (licenced by Sanrio Co., LTD.) Art: LE04

Hello Kitty - Happy Car (licenced by Sanrio Co., LTD.) Art: LE03

Funny Eggs Art: 710

Fun Copter Art: 700

Crazy Gilder Art: 690

Gran Dakar Art: 680

Miami Art: 660

Moto GPI Art: 650

Mark Art: 640

Al-Camel Art: 630

Royal Carousel Art: 620

Fazenda Art: 610

J-Raffa Art: 600

New Doppio Art: 590

Gingerbread House Art: 580

Race Car Art: 570

Wester Shot Art: 560

Grand Canyon Art: 550

Roadster Art: 540

Magic Castle Art: 530

Playsub Art: 520

Baby Train Art: 280 - Art: 280/B

Jungle Boat Art: 260

Quadbike Art: 270

Piedone Art: 250

Big Mustang

Big Yankee

Triple Ride

Cogan Truck

Cavallo Furia



Vienna Cogan

Cavallo Pony

Ranch Cogan



Fire Truck


Scoiattolo Roller



Vienna Piccolo



  • The double ride from Cars 2 is actually called "Double Race". Also, Lightning McQueen has his World Grand Prix paint job.
  • Mater has the other WGP racers on his rearview mirrors. (Carla Veloso, Shu Todoroki & Lewis Hamilton, left and Raoul CaRoule & Francesco Bernoulli, right)
  • The Double Race ride says it's not interactive. When the ride is not moving, the red lights flash. When coin is inserted (in UK when START button is pushed), the yellow lights flash. When the ride is in motion, the green lights flash.
  • The Autopicchio ride is a knockoff to children's series Make Way for Noddy.
  • Mater has his light beam on the right hand side, instead of being in the middle.
  • Mater's tow hook is yellow.
  • The Hello Kitty see-saw ride is identical to the Smurfs ride.
  • Hello Kitty (Happy Car version, single seater) was one of the first licenced Sanrio rides from Italy.
  • Also, Cogan Kiddie Rides made other licenced character rides from Tom and Jerry, The Smurfs, Barbapapa, Ultimate Spider-Man, Batman, and Planes.
  • A mistake on Dusty Crophopper is saying that the ride is licenced by Disney & Pixar. However, you won't see Pixar producing the 2013 film.
    • The same goes with Riding Manny from Ice Age. It also said that the ride is produced by Disney & Pixar, even though the film was produced by Blue Sky.
  • When the START button is pushed, the ride will call out "Are you ready to play?" (except older rides and the Cars - Double Race). The Cars - Double Race ride will call out "3...2...1...GO!!!"

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