In late 2012, Mattel released a new line of Die-Casts. Some are re-releases of Die-Casts from the first movie, some re-releases from the second movie, and others are new releases. This is the 7th series in the Cars Die-Cast Line and the 3rd series in the Cars 2 Die-Cast Line.

"Airport Adventure" Series

"It's Siddeley to the rescue as Finn McMissile and Mater race down the Tokyo Airport tarmac to escape the Lemons!"

  1. Grem with Weapon
  2. Airport Mater
  3. Holley Shiftwell
  4. Security Guard Finn
  5. Finn McMissile
  6. Krate Raison-Wash
  7. Airport Lounge Barmaid

"Festival Italiano" Series

"Before the Porto Corsa race, Team Lightning McQueen enjoys a festive and fuel-filled village party!"

  1. Uncle Topolino
  2. Race Team Luigi
  3. Race Team Guido
  4. Franca
  5. Mama Topolino
  6. Francesca

7-10. Uncle Topolino's Band

"Lemons" Series

"At a top secret meeting, the Lemon Heads scheme to become the most powerful cars in the world!"

  1. J. Curby Gremlin
  2. Vladimir Trunkov
  3. Victor Hugo
  4. Petey Pacer
  5. Tubbs Pacer
  6. Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray 
  7. Tolga Trunkov

"Lightning McQueens" Series

"Lightning McQueen's dream of life in the fast line gets sidetracked when he discovers the slower pace of small-town Radiator Springs."

  1. Cactus McQueen
  2. Lightning Storm McQueen
  3. McQueen with Cone
  4. Cruisin' McQueen
  5. Nature Drive McQueen[]

"Maters" Series

"From Materhosen to Dracula Mater, secret agent Mater is ready to surprise with disguise!"

  1. Race Team Mater
  2. Ivan Mater (deluxe)
  3. Kabuki Mater (deluxe)
  4. Francesco Fan Mater
  5. Materhosen
  6. Count Mater

"Palace Chaos" Series

"There's a bomb! Palace security detects a bomb on Mater and surrounds him as cars flee the area."

  1. Holley Shiftwell with Screen
  2. Mike Lorengine
  3. You the Bomb Mater
  4. Miles Axlerod with Open Hood*
  5. Maurice
  6. Victor Paveone
  7. Mark Wheelsen
  8. Doug Speedcheck
  9. Palace Danger Finn McMissile

"Piston Cup" Series

"The King, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen compete in a tie-breaker race to win the Piston Cup Championship!"

  1. Chick Hicks
  2. Race Tow Truck Tom
  3. Bob Cutlass
  4. Darrell Cartrip
  5. Mrs. The King
  6. Tex Dinoco
  7. Dinoco Helicopter
  8. Strip "The King" Weathers
  9. Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp
  10. Nitroade No. 28
  11. Marlon "Clutches" McKay
  12. Charlie Checker
  13. Dexter Hoover with Checkered Flag
  14. Lightning McQueen
  15. Sputter Stop No. 92
  16. Elvis RV
  17. RPM No. 64
  18. Race Official Tom

"Retro Radiator Springs" Series

"Sally reminisces about the good ol' days when Radiator Springs was on the map and Mater still had his hood!"

  1. Sally Carrera
  2. Hank "Halloween" Murphy
  3. Lightning Ramone
  4. Dustin Mellows
  5. Brand New Mater
  6. Greta
  7. Edwin Kranks
  8. Mildred Bylane

"Rust-Eze Racing" Series

"After the Dinoco 400, Lightning McQueen meets and greets his excited Rust-eze fans wanting to be just like him!"

  1. Dusty Rust-Eze
  2. Mack
  3. Rusty Rust-Eze
  4. Jonathan Wrenchworths
  5. Lightning McQueen with Sign 
  6. Fred
  7. Donna Pits
  8. Vern

"Tuners" Series

"Fun-loving tuner cars loaded with attitude cruise the highway near Radiator Springs and the brightly lit streets of Tokyo!"

  1. Suki
  2. Kabuto
  3. DJ with Flames
  4. Wingo with Flames
  5. Harumi
  6. Yokoza
  7. Chisaki
  8. Snot Rod with Flames
  9. Boost with Flames
  10. Ichigo*

"Wheel Well Motel" Series

"A quiet evening at the Wheel Well Motel turns into a celebration when Lightning McQueen decides to compete in the World Grand Prix!"

  1. Sheriff
  2. Sarge
  3. Red
  4. Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen
  5. Sally with table
  6. Fillmore
  7. Flo
  8. Body Shop Ramone
  9. Luigi
  10. Guido with Shaker and Glasses 
  11. Waiter Mater

"World Grand Prix" Series

"The World Grand Prix will determine who is the fastest car in the world. Three races in three countries and only one champion!"

  1. Lightning McQueen
  2. Francesco Bernoulli
  3. Nigel Gearsley
  4. Austin Littleton
  5. Raoul CaRoule
  6. Bruno Motoreau
  7. Miguel Camino
  8. Rip Clutchgoneski
  9. Erik Laneley
  10. Max Schnell
  11. Lewis Hamilton
  12. Shu Todoroki
  13. David Hobbscap with Headset
  14. Darrell Cartrip with Headset
  15. Brent Mustangburger with Headset
  16. Jeff Gorvette
  17. Alex Carvill

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