Davey Apex is a Piston Cup race car who races for the team Re-volting in the movie Cars.


"Davey Apex has always dreamed of being a professional race car. Sure he's never come in higher than 20th or 21st, but it's still the life he's always dreamt of. He loves the cheering fans and the squealing rubber on asphalt. The only part he doesn't like is the racing part which is probably why he's never come in higher than 20th or 21st place. See Davey's just not competitive by nature. If someone wants to pass him, he lets them. I mean why be rude?"

Cars: The Video Game

Davey appears in Cars: The Video Game, but he is number 79, and his name is Bashman. He is always 15th on the grid and normally finishes 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th, which means he achieved his dream of being higher then 20th or 21st!

Cars 3

Davey is no longer Re-Volting in Cars 3. He will be replaced T.G Castlenut and Aaron Clocker who have a different number 48 than him instend of 84.


  • In Toy Story 3, the batteries Lotso's gang used for gambling are branded with Re-Volting.
  • His racing number, 84, is the same as Mac iCar's.
  • He has never finished higher than 20 or 21 place, but in Cars: The Video Game, he sometimes finishes even 12th!