Doc's Challenge is an event in Cars: The Video Game.


Lightning finishes his practice around Willy's Butte. Then he went back to Doc. "Whew!" he said. "Good run." "Uh-huh," said Doc. "Not bad. That track's only got 2 turns, though. Let's see how you handle these back roads. You and me." "What, me?" asked Lightning. "Racing the Fabulous Hudson Hornet?" "Nope," said Doc, "you racing your crew chief. Let's go." So they went to line up.

The Race

The race goes around the north of Radiator Springs. It starts at Willy's Butte. You enter Willy's Butte, and go around it. Then you go along Sarge's Boot Camp, then through it. Then a few more seconds of dirt. It's a 1 on 1 race. You play as Lightning, and your opponent is Doc. If you get first place, you get 5 trophies. Each lap is about a minute long, and it's a 3 lap race, so it takes about 3 minutes to do.


They finish the race. "How's that? Okay?" asked Lightning. "Ah, that's okay," said Doc, "but you're hanging it out too much, too early on the throttle." But Lightning wasn't listening, because he noticed something. "Hey!" yelled Doc. "You listening to me?" "What's he doing here?" asked Lightning, wondering who it was. "Checking out the competition," said Doc. "Yeah," said Lightning, "must be nervous." "No," said Doc, "just smart." "Hmm," said Lightning, "You think I should do the same thing to him? Got to his town, hide out and watch him practice?" "You race as well as your run your mouth and you'd have that Piston Cup already," said Doc, "Just don't worry about him, you got plenty of work to do, I'm sure you'll be seeing each other soon. Then the camera went to the other side of the ditch, revealing that the spier was Chick Hicks. Then he drove away.

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