Doc and the Law's Race 'n' Chase is a mini-game in Cars Mater-National.


  • Try to tag your opponent!
  • If you get tagged, chase and tag your opponent before they reach their goal!
  • Reach your goal first to win!

The game starts with you and the other player at the starting point, with you being "it." The other player will try to get to his goal, and you have to try to get to yours, but you have to tag the other player first. The one who reaches his goal while not "it" first wins.


Level Track Basis Location Banners Opponent Your Goal Opponent's Goal
1 Radiator Springs Circuit Radiator Springs 1 Fletcher Right before the entrance to Tailfin Pass In the Drive-In
2 Fillmore's Nature Preserve Radiator Springs 1 Vince At the entrance to the forest  Near the jumping bridge
3 North Willy's Butte Radiator Springs 1 Sheriff Under the bridge In front of Sarge's SUV Boot Camp
4 Ornament Valley Airport Ornament Valley 2 Fillmore In front of the nature park At the end of the runway
5 Inside the Turkey Ornament Valley 2 Philip In the middle of the mountain In front of the entrance to Radiator Springs
6 Rustbucket Grand Prix Ornament Valley 2 Luigi Inside the tunnel, not very deep Left from the nature park
7 Wheel Well Circuit Tailfin Pass 3 Lenny At the end of the gulch Inside the mountain
8 The Upper Mine Tailfin Pass 3 Vince Near the entrance to the jumping things Inside the 2nd mine
9 Canyon Run Tailfin Pass 3 Barry A little bit away from the split shortcut At the rockslide

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