Dr. Frankenwagon's Monster is a character from Monster Truck Mater.


He is seen in the final round to pin down Mater but Mater tagged Lightning McQueen as a tag team fight to defeat Dr. Frankenwagon's Monster.

When the final round started, Mater thought that his opponent was just Dr. Frankenwagon, who was a small car, so he thought it would be easy. However, his real opponent was Dr. Frankenwagon's monster, making Mater scared.

Then, Lightning joined the story. Mater left Lightning to fight the monster while he talks with Mia and Tia. After a while, Mater grabs the monster's wrecking ball with his tow hook and drives underneath the ring. At the other side, he pulls his tow hook, which flips the ring upside down onto the monster and killing

Trivia him

  • He is a reference to Victor Frankenstein's monster.
  • He is a combination of parts from construction vehicles, similar to the Screamin' Banshee.