Drive-In And Out is an Activity in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


(Lightning McQueen drives to the entrance of the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre.)
Lightning McQueen: "Man. I can't wait to see this movie. It's got high speed chases, explosions, crashes, all the makings of a classic."
(McQueen drives into the theater.)
Lightning McQueen: "Guess I'm the first one here. Good thing too, 'cause Mater's gonna meet outside later. So I gotta be able to get out."
(Sheriff and a customer drive into the theater.)
Lightning McQueen: "Oh, great. This place sure got packed fast. I'll just follow Sheriff out when he leaves on one of his calls. Yeah, he'll make a path out. Then I can meet Mater.


To clear a path out of the drive-in, you'll have to move the customers out of the way.

You can move the customers forwards and backwards, but you can't turn them.

You don't have much time, so try to think about the best way to get through the crowd.

The Game

Legends Races

When you win this event, you unlock the Legends Race secret for Sheriff.


  • This is the only activity that Mack appears in.
  • The game is similar to the Rush Hour game.

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