El Guapo is a character in Cars: The Video Game.

Cars: The Video Game

He first appears in the cut-scene for Radiator Cap Circuit, where he and Papo decide to race in the race with Fletcher, Gerald and Lightning, so they join the race. After that race, he can be seen driving around Radiator Springs.

Later, in the next chapter, he was boasting about his golden rims, how he uses them to win races. He says Fletcher and Gerald's rims are silver. After that they have a race, and El Guapo usually comes in 2nd if you come in first.

In Sheriff's Hot Pursuit, he is one of the speeders in the "Hooligans" level. His next appearance is in Tailfin Pass Circuit, where he listens to Fletcher talk about the American roads. He also joins the race.

His last appearances are in 2 of the races in the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. They are Radiator Springs Grand Prix and Tailfin Pass Grand Prix.

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