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El Machismo is one of Chick Hicks' protogese in Cars Race-O-Rama.

Cars Race-O-Rama

He first appears in the end-scene for Sprint 1 behind Chick Hicks.

He later appears in Match Up, where he is introduced to Lightning McQueen and Sarge by Chick Hicks. He calls himself bigger than big and badder than bad. In the end-scene, when he loses the race, he blames Chick Hicks' and Motor Co. for it, so he asked for bigger tires, bigger shocks, bigger fenders, bigger everything!

He also appears in Reunion Rundown, and in the end-scene for Chick Hicks Showdown, he apologizes to Lightning for how he behaved on the track. He said Lightning was badder than bad, and faster than fast, which he meant he likes how he races. He also gets invited to come to the Doc Hudson Racing Academy anytime.

He is also playable in Rust-bucket Races.


  • El Machismo is the 4th Cars character whose original actor died.
  • El Machismo betrays Chick's team and he goes on Lightning's side in the end of Race-O-Rama.


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