Fill `Er Up is a game in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


Lightning McQueen went to Flo's V8 Cafe to get some gas. "Hey Flo," said Lightning. "Let's see, I'll have..." "Sorry, honey," said Flo. "You'll have to wait. The lunch hour rush just came in and I'm under staffed." "That's okay," said Lightning. "I'll just help myself. I know how the full service works." "You do?" said Flo. "Why didn't you say so? You're hired!" "What?" said Lightning. "Here comes your first customer," said Flo, and Mater came into the gas station. "Hey, buddy!" said Mater. "But..." said Lightning, but he didn't have a chance to finish. "Thanks, sweetie," said Flo. "I owe you one!" So Lightning went to help Mater. "Okay, Mater," said Lightning, "let's give you some full service." "Okie dokie!" said Mater.


To learn how to make these gas pumps work, watch the pictures light up and remember the order.

Light the pictures up in the same order as before, and you'll treat each customer to full service!

After each customer, the order will get a little harder to remember.

The Game

Legends Races

When you win this event, you unlock the Legends Race secret for Flo.

Next and Previous Events

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Legends Races
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