Fred is a character in Cars.


"Fred is truly racing's number one fan. Some cars have better wax jobs or attached bumpers, but they do not have the heart and dedication Fred has. Not a chance. Between Fred's racing blogs, podcast, websites, and daily call-ins to numerous radio shows, it's amazing Fred has time to get to any actual races."[1]


In Cars, he first appeared in the Rust-eze tent. Lightning McQueen read his license plate, which read FRED, and Fred thought that Lightning knew his name, so he got excited and his bumper fell off.

He later appears in Los Angeles International Speedway, where the police won't let him in, because he didn't have a garage pass. Fred said that it was okay, because Lightning knew him. Then Mario Andretti came, and read Fred's license plate, and Fred thought that Mario knew his name, so he got even more excited.

Later, during the credits, he was seen coming out of Lizzie's Curio Shop with some stuckers, and his bumper fell off again.

Video Games

Cars Mater-National

In Cars Mater-National, he first appears in the cut-scene for Radiator Springs Circuit, where he thought Lightning was about to have a race. He got excited when Lightning remembers his name. Then he got excited again when he saw Doc Hudson, who he knew was the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. Then at the end of the cut-scene, his bumper fell off. Then Lightning said that they will come back for it after the race.

He also appears in all of the Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy levels, and all of the Rust-bucket levels.

Cars Race-O-Rama

Fred appears in some of the Rustbucket Derby levels in Cars Race-O-Rama.


  • Fred and Fillmore are the only two characters in Cars who have front license plates.
  • Fred's license plate simply reads "FRED".
  • Fred has been released in the Cars Die-Cast Line, as well as a version with a fallen bumper, seen at the end of the movie.
  • Fred's original die-cast was too big, so he was re-scaled into a smaller size.
  • Fred's design is similar to Otis.
  • He is modelled after a Stodgey Suaver LT.




Fred: "You're my hero, Mr. McQueen!"
Lightning McQueen: "Yes, I know. 'Fred.' Fred, thank you."
Fred: "He knows my name. He knows my name!" (his bumper falls off)
—Lightning meets Fred.
Marco: "Hey, you! No admissions without a garage pass!"
Fred: "Oh, it's okay. Lightning McQueen knows me."
Mario Andretti: "Hey, Marco. A beautiful day for a race, isn't it?"
Marco: "Absolutely, Mr. Andretti."
Mario Andretti: "And good morning to you, uh, Fred."
Fred: "Mario Andretti knows my name! You got to let me in now!"
—Fred at the tie-breaker race in Los Angeles.


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