Giovanni is a character in the Cars Mater-National video game.

He first appeared in the cut-scene for Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 1. Lightning McQueen and Mater went to Luigi's Casa Della Tires and meet Luigi and Guido, who they noticed looks different than usual. Then Giovanni came. Lightning introduced himself to him, but Giovanni didn't notice at first that it was Lightning McQueen. He thought Lightning was dressed like him. Lightning then made himself clear by telling he was Lightning McQueen. Giovanni told Lightning that he's a big fan. He then says he can't wait for a race, then Lightning decides to have a race. Lightning offered Luigi and Guido to join his team, but they decide to join Giovanni.

In the race, he's the first car in the 2nd team. His two following teammates are Luigi and Yuri.

Later, near the end of the game, in the cut-scene for Stadium Race 3, Lightning and Giovanni were at the new Stadium, which was finished. A huge crowd was there. Then they noticed a ribbon. They race towards the ribbon and cut it at the same time.

Giovanni also races in the race.

After that race, Luigi asks Lightning and Giovanni to race again, because he says that they were distracted by the sun and thoughts of home, and that their tires were almost flat, and that he will never recover from the tragedy. They agree to do another race, but decide to have it a team relay. One team with Lightning and 2 of his friends against Giovanni and 2 of his friends. Home Team vs. Away.

He races in the race, with Giovanni the first car in the 3rd team with Otto and Gudmund.

After the race, Lightning's Racing HQ was finished building. Giovanni says to Lightning that he's gonna be busy with it. Lightning says that he might need a bigger town, but Giovanni disagrees. Giovanni then thanks Lightning for inviting him and the rest of the new cars to the Mater-National. They hope to repay their hospitality by hosting them in the European circuit one day. Lightning decides to do that. Finally, Giovanni was in the final festival picture.

He also cameos in Cars 2 at the Tokyo welcome party.


  • His license plate reads "G10V4NN1."

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