Guido Kart is one of the race types in Cars Race-O-Rama.


The races are on small tracks for 5 laps. The races are as small cars, mostly forklifts. There are power ups along the track, which will give you a certain power. These powers include Smoke Screen, Ghost, Turbo Charge, and Speed Boost.


Smoke Screen

When you collect the smoke screen power-up, a big puff of smoke will come from behind you. They are meant to block your opponents view, but they don't really do that, making it the least helpful power-up.


When you collect the ghost power-up, you will be able to drive through the other racers and heavy trash that's scattered on the track. You will be flashing from white to regular when you get this power-up, unless you have the game for the PlayStation 2.

Turbo Charge

You have a boost meter, but it won't refill unless you get the Turbo Charge power-up. When you obtain this power-up, you get a full meter of boost, which you can use until it's empty, and it won't refill.

Speed Boost

This power-up is similar to Turbo Charge. The only difference is that it automatically uses up an entire boost meter. If you obtained a Turbo Charge power-up previously and don't use it, Speed Boost will use that boost up too.


Race Location Laps
Guido Kart Race 1 Radiator Springs Speedway 5
Guido Kart Race 2 Rustbucket Stadium 3

Guido Kart Race 3

Santa Carburera 5
Guido Kart Race 4 Autovia 5
Guido Kart Race 5 Radiator Springs 5
Guido Kart Race 6 Ornament Valley 5
Guido Kart Race 7 Motoropolis City 5
Guido Kart Race 8 Tailfin Pass 5
Guido Kart Race 9 Radiator Springs Speedway 5


The racers in these races include Guido, Luigi, Mike, Doc Hudson Pitty, Chick Hicks Pitty, Motor Co. Pitty, Race-O-Rama Girl, and Not Chuck. In story mode, you play as Guido in all the races, while the other 7 racers are always your opponents. On the PlayStation 2, you still play as Guido in all the races, but you only have 3 of the other opponents, same 3, in all races except the 3rd one. The opponents are Luigi, Doc Hudson Pitty, and Chick Hicks Pitty. In Guido Kart Race 3, Mike replaces Doc Hudson Pitty.

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