Hans is a character in the 2011 State Farm commercial and Cars 2. He is the owner of Hans' Pet Boutique.

2011 State Farm commercial

In the commercial when Mater crashes into a pole and the pole crashes into Hans' pet store window, Sara Safestreet shows up and honks the State Farm jingle. Then, almost a dozen State Farm Insurance Pitties show up and clean up the mess Mater made and repair and catch all the pets for Hans.

Cars 2

Hans also makes a short cameo in Cars 2. He is seen sleeping by his flower shop in Tokyo. Mater spots his shop and asks Holley Shiftwell if she would like some flowers, which she says to just keep moving. After Mater leaves, Finn McMissile uses one of his grappling hooks to knock down a vending machine of flowers, to trick Hans and two other shopkeepers into thinking that Tyler Gremlin did it and move him away, as to prevent him from capturing Mater.


  • Hans is a Yugo GV (Zastava Koral), similar to Victor Hugo.
  • In the commercial, his flower shop is replaced by a pet boutique.
  • He is a nice lemon like Otis and not actually part of the "crime" lemons.

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