Ivan (pronounced ee-van, not eye-van) is a supporting antagonist in Cars 2.

Cars 2

Ivan is a blue tow truck who works for Victor Hugo. He is Victor's personal transportation, towing him place to place. He also serves as a body guard. Mater disguises himself as Ivan to infiltrate the lemon meeting being held in Porto Corsa to get info. Holley Shiftwell tazes Ivan before this so he doesn't blow their cover. He later regains consciousness and captures Holley. And when Mater was trying to get Lightning McQueen's attention in a crowd, the lemons grab him and Ivan takes his place. In the end, he is attacked by Mater when he tries to get Lightning McQueen, and is arrested by Sheriff in London with his lemon employers.


  • Ivan resembles a Chevrolet 4100 tow truck.

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