Jasper Curby Gremlin is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

"Jasper Curby is the current patriarch of the Gremlin crime family, but he got there by some unconventional roads. Don't let the rough exterior fool you - he was once maître d' of the flagship restaurant of superstar Motorio Brake-tali. He even soaked in the best of the big city's shows. These days, Jasper Curby has turned to a life of mischief, serving up danger and singing a more ominous tune...."[1]

Jasper Curby Gremlin is a purple and yellow striped Gremlin car who works with Professor Z. He is head of the Gremlin family. Jasper Curby and the the other main heads of the three lemon families (Pacer, Trunkov, Hugo) attend a meeting with Professor Z in Porto Corsa to discuss their evil plans about discrediting the Allinol by using the radiation disguised camera to crash out the racers in the World Grand Prix that use the gas, and ensure that all cars keep using conventional fuel to secure the profits of their "lemon" organization who managed to secure the largest unexplored oil resources in the world. Jasper Curby is seen smiling at the idea. He mentioned himself that he's from Detroit, Michigan when Victor Hugo entered the meeting room in Porto Corsa, Italy.

Near the end of the film, Jasper Curby is sprayed by Red from behind, being thrown in the air, and getting stuck in a narrow gap between a building and a fence. He is arrested in London with his fellow lemons.

Weaponry and Gadgets

Deployable Machine Gun: Located on his right side, he got it out trying to kill Holley Shiftwell, Finn McMissile, Lightning McQueen, and Mater, but before he could fire, he got sprayed by Red.


  • He is the only head lemon seen with a weapon.
  • He appears in Cars 2: The Video Game along with several look-alikes.
  • When Mater scans Jasper Curby and the other lemon heads, it is shown that Jasper Curby is currently wanted in The Republic of New Rearendia, which is a fictional country that Rip Clutchgoneski is from. This is possibly another Easter egg.



  • "I'm J. Curby Gremlin, from Detroit. It's good to see you!"
  • "Forget about it!"
  • "Did he just say Allinol?!"
  • "The Professor's on the run!"
  • "Yeah, but it's worth a shot!"


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