"I don't know what's harder to find; Lightning McQueen or a crew chief who'll work with him!"
—Jay Limo, talking about the disappearance of Lightning McQueen.

Jay Limo is a character in Cars.


"Jay Limo spent countless nights on the road, criss-crossing the country perfecting his stand-up comedy act before getting his big break performing on the most popular late show in town. It wasn't long until he was asked to fill in as guest host, and eventually took over the show full time. He may be a big-time talk show host now, but that hasn't stopped him from spending countless nights on the road, criss-crossing the country, still working to perfect his comedy act."[1]


  • He is a parody of his voice actor and talkshow host, Jay Leno.
  • He resembles the latest generation of the Lincoln Town Car.



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