Judd is a character in ''Cars: Story Teller'' and a few of the Cars video games.


Like his cousin Mater, Judd has a very special talent. In particular, he is able to "ski", that is to say to ride on two wheels side. One night he and Mater played Tractor Tipping. It was fun to them to wake them up, but when Frank was involved. Caught in a barn and a grain silo, Judd managed to escape by "skiing" between the two buildings. Judd and Mater then spun, but they promised to return as soon as possible.

Cars: The Video Game

In Cars: The Video Game, he only appears racing in Rustbucket Race-O-Rama. You can't play as him.

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures

In Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures, he appears in Tow The Line, where he might be one of the cousins that you have to tow. First, you find the hook, then you hook it onto the cousin.

Cars Mater-National

In Cars Mater-National, he only appears in Rustbucket Races 3 and 4. You still can't play as him.

Cars Race-O-Rama

In Cars Race-O-Rama, he appears in some of the Rustbucket Races. Even in this game, you can't play as him.

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