Kevin Shiftright races for the team "Clutch Aid" in the movie Cars.


Kevin is the fourth in a long line of racers in the Shiftright family. His great grandfather Kurt raced on the old dirt tracks of the fifties, followed by his grandpa Kraig, who won 2 Piston Cups in the late seventies, and his dad Klint, who won 3 in the early nineties. Kevin tries not to let the pressure of his family history get to him when he's on the track or at the dinner table.

In the restart race, Kevin was second before The King & Chick Hicks overtook him but again becomes second place because of the tie between McQueen, Chick and the The King

Cars 3

Kevin is no longer Clutch aid Racer in Cars 3 He's replaced by Dino Draftsky and an unnamed next gen.