Koji is a character in the Cars Mater-National game.

Bio He is known as known as king of drifting. Much of Koji's success is attributed to his light and maneuverable style of driving. He prides himself on his ability to take turns with wide, screeching, smoking powerslides. Koji treats his sport as a science - he's extremely competent, but he's not so focused.

==Cars Mater-National==

In the game, he first appears racing around Tailfin Pass during the Tailfin Pass intro scene. Then in the cut-scene for Canyon Run, where he meets Lightning McQueen and Mater. Koji says Konichiwa, then Mater says konichi what. Koji then says something in Japanese, and Mater translates it to what he thinks it means.

He then appears in the race and the end-scene, where he was amazed by Mater's drifting and jump.

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