Lenny is a character in the Cars video games.

Cars: The Video Game


Lenny lives up in Queens, along with Vince, Sonny and Barry and joined Vince's gang. The Gang came to Radiator Springs to race against Lightning McQueen. Lenny speaks in a rough, angry voice. Vince and the gang stayed at Radiator Springs for a while. Lenny joined in a few races which involved Lightning McQueen.

In the Game

He first appears as one of the speeders in one of the levels of Sheriff's Hot Pursuit.

He then appears in Ornament Valley Circuit where he challenges Lightning McQueen to a race.

He doesn't really appear anymore times after that.

Cars Mater-National

In Cars Mater-National, he first appears racing in Fillmore's Nature Preserve. He then is your opponent in level 7 of Doc and the Law's Race 'N' Chase.


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