Long Ge is a character that appears in the Chinese version of Cars 2.

He is a race car that replaces Jeff Gorvette in the scene where Lightning McQueen meets him and Lewis Hamilton at the World Grand Prix welcome party.


  • Long replaces Jeff Gorvette the time of one scene in the Chinese version, which is part of a localization of the movie in several different countries. However, he doesn't appear in the Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan versions.
  • Long has the same body as Max Schnell.
  • There are peony patterns on Long's body. This was inspired by the costume of the Beijing Olympics.
  • Long Ge in Chinese is 龙哥, the character Long or means "dragon". Dragon is a symbol of fortune and happiness in Chinese culture. It's also a symbol of China and Chinese racea.
  • There are two Chinese characters 中国 on the top of Long's body, it means "China".
  • In all versions of Cars 2 he can be seen during the end credits on a card with the inscription "China" and the same patterns as on his hood and trunk.
  • His paint job includes the colours of China's flag.
  • He appears in Cars: Fast as Lightning, which you can only find him in Russia. Also, he costs the same as Pyotr Racinov: 800 gems.