Lost was the second deleted scene from Cars.


"While trying to find his way back to the Interstate, McQueen stumbles upon a graveyard of old cars."

Lightning finally finds Mack, but found out it wasn't Mack. The truck said the line that was in the movie, "Turn on your lights, you moron!" Then the truck drove away, and Lightning watches him drive away.

He didn't know what to do now. He was lost. He looked at the light above him, then a tumbleweed tumbled by. An "owl" hooted, which freaked Lightning out. Then he looked to his left, and noticed a bunch of moving cars. He thought it was the Interstate, so he drove down the road toward it fast. Then, some type of thud happened, and Lightning found himself driving off the road. through some plants. Finally, he crashed into some tree branches.

He drove out of those tree branches, and hit a dead car behind him, which freaked him out. Then he saw more cars, so he became more freaked out. All of a sudden, some cars looked like they were about to grab him, and they did. Really, he was imagining it, and those branches from them was really fence wire.

He tried driving away from the car that was stuck to the other end of the wire, but he was stuck to the wire to. Finally, he got unstuck from the wire, and the car from the other side seemed to have gone.



Title card for "Lost"


Lightning stuck in the branches


  • The graveyard is later used in The Radiator Springs 500½.
  • According to storyboards, the scene was created in June 2002.

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