Luigi and Guido's Team Relay is one of the type of Races in Cars Mater-National Championships.


  • This is a three stage race, one stage for each of your cars.
  • Start the race driving your first car.
  • When you see your next car, drive toward it to tag the car.
  • If you miss a tag, you'll lose speed.
  • Get your third car across the finish line first to win.


Level Location 1st Place Reward Target Location
Team Relay 1 Radiator Springs 3 banners Behind Luigi's and Lizzie's
Team Relay 2 Ornament Valley 4 banners Ornament Valley Gas Station
Team Relay 3 Tailfin Pass 5 banners In the lower level near the river.
Team Relay 4 Radiator Springs Speedway 24 banners Lightning McQueen's Racing Headquarters

Other Notes

  • There is no reward for 2nd or 3rd place.
  • The big yellow arrow will show where your next car is.
  • All races follow the same track as another race.
  • The last Team Relay is also the last race.
  • On the PlayStation 2, there are 2 teams with 2 racers on each team.

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