Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 1 is the first Relay Race in Cars Mater-National, as well as the 2nd race.


(Luigi and Guido were in front of Luigi's Casa Della Tires when Lightning and Mater drive up)
Mater: "Hey, something looks different about you too. Did you get new tires?"
Lightning McQueen: "Wow, you guys look great! You should have Ramone fix you up with a lightning bolt, then you'll look just like..." (got interrupted by an engine revving.)
Luigi: "Giovanni!"
Giovanni: (drives up) "Hello, my friend."
Luigi: (gasp) "I am his friend!"
Lightning: "Nice to meet you, Giovanni. I'm Lightning."
Giovanni: "Nice to meet you, Lightning. It was so nice of all of you to dress up like me."
Lightning: (huh?) "I'm not dressed up like you. I'm Lightning
McQueen. I'm a famous racecar too!
(Luigi and Guido roll their eyes.)
Giovanni: "Ah, yes! Of course! You're the famous Lightning McQueen! I did not realize. You know, I am looking forward to a race. You are a-here to me!"
(Luigi and Guido gasp)
Giovanni: "I'm so embarrassed! I'm such a fan of yours!"
Lightning McQueen: (gasp) "Really? Wow, thanks!"
Giovanni: "I cannot wait for a race together! It will be such an honor! I will count the hours until then!"
Lightning McQueen: "Well, there's no harm in a little practice run, right? We can all race together."
Giovanni: "That would be fantastic!"
Lightning McQueen: "Hear that, Luigi? He's a fan of mine. What do you say guys? You want to race on my team?"
(Luigi and Guido drive away and then go right next to Giovanni, showing that they want to be on Giovanni's team)
Lightning McQueen: "What do I have to do to impress folks around here?"



The track follows the same track as Radiator Springs Circuit.

Your Team Team #2 Team #3
Lap 1 Lightning McQueen Giovanni Barry
Lap 2 Doc Hudson Luigi Mia
Lap 3 Mater Yuri Tia


Luigi and Guido's Team Relay
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