Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 4 is the last Team Relay in Cars Mater-National. It is also the last race that ends the story. It happens immediately after Stadium Race 3.


(Lightning and Giovanni are exhausted from the previous race.)
Lightning: "Great race, Giovanni."
Giovanni: "Ah, yes. Some day, we will have to try that again, eh?"
Luigi: "Again, again!" (he and Guido drive up) "You must race again!"
Giovanni: "But you saw Lightning. He won!"
Luigi: "The sun was in your eyes! You were distracted by thoughts of home! Look at all of your tires! They're almost flat! It is a tragedy from which I will never recover!"
Giovanni: "Well, uh, I guess we race again."
Lightning: "For Luigi, sure. It's the least we could do. What do you say we make it a little more interesting? You and two of your friends against me and two of mine: Home Team vs. Away. Okay?"
Giovanni: "Okay, for Luigi."
(Luigi and Guido jump with excitement.)
Lightning: "That's right. We're nothing without our fans."


The track follows the same track as Stadium Race 4. This is the last race in the game, worth 24 banners for first place.

Your Team Team #2 Team #3
Lap 1 Lightning McQueen Giovanni Snot Rod
Lap 2 Doc Hudson Otto Von Flasenbottom Sonny
Lap 3 Mater Gudmund Lenny


(Lightning McQueen and Mater are in front of Lightning McQueen's Racing Headquarters, which is done)
Mater: "Well, we wrapped up the Mater-National with a great finish! And look what we found waiting for us: our new clubhouse!"
Lightning McQueen: "Mater, it's not really a clubhouse. It's the headquarters for all of our professional racing operations."
Mater: (starts to cry)
Lightning McQueen: "Okay. It's a clubhouse."
(Giovanni, Otto Von Flasenbottom, and Koji drive up.)
Giovanni: "New stadium, new headquarters, you are going to be very busy here."
Lightning: "Yeah. I think we're going to need a bigger town."
Giovanni: "Ha, ha. I wouldn't change a thing! Lightning, it was a very enjoyable week, and I hope we can repay your hospitality and host you and your friends in the European Circuit one day."
Lightning: "Absolutely! We'll take this show on the road!"
Mater: "We're going to Europe? And just where exactly is that again?"
Emma: (drives up) "It's just over the pond."
Mater: "Pond? Oh, dang, I can't swim."
Luigi: "Everybody, it's time for the 'End of a Festival' picture. Guido, are you ready?"
Guido: "Okay." (sets up the camera, while the others get in a camera position, then Guido joins them.)
Lightning: "Okay. Ready? Everyone say..."
Mater: "Everybody say, 'Hoo-boy!'"
Everyone: "Hoo-boy!"
(The camera takes the picture, and then it appears on the wall at the headquarters. Then the credits roll.)

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