Mac iCar is a Piston Cup racecar who races for the team Apple in the movie Cars.


Mac iCar, like most of the Piston Cup racers, is only a minor character, who doesn't have any lines. He spends most of the race behind Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in around 30th place. He is mainly seen when The King overtakes him after the race restarts. At the end of the race, he is seen near the back of the pack. He retires before Cars 3 and is replaced by an unnamed veteran.

Blu-Ray Cars Finder Game description

"Mac iCar likes things clean and simple. He doesn't go for the flashy colors and gaudy stickers that adorn some of his fellow racers. He prefers a simple, sleek design and feels this creates a bold statement; one that says, "I think different."


Mac iCar has so far only been released in the "Motor City Speedway of the South" set in the Cars Die-Cast Line.


  • According to Cars Finder, Mac iCar is an Axxelo Fission (which resembles the real-life Honda S2000), the same make and model as other cars, like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Chuck Armstrong.
  • His racing number is 84, which is the same year that Apple Inc. famously released the Macintosh personal computer, complete with an elaborate and ballyhooed ad campaign based on the George Orwell book 1984.
  • His racing number happens to be the same as Davey Apex's.
  • Mac's name was originally going to be "Matthew Overtaker", but this was changed early on in development.