Mama Bernoulli is a character in Cars 2.


"As the mother of Italy's winningest race car, Mama Bernoulli couldn't be prouder of her son, Francesco. As a former Grand Prix star herself, she taught him everything he knows. She used to attend every one of Francesco's races, but her motor can't take the oil pressure anymore. Every time the race begins, she shuts her winshield and whispers to Il Gran Produttore ("The Great Manufacturer") to keep her little Francesco safe and, of course, to let him win!"[1]

Cars 2

Francesco Bernoulli's mother is a red old design Formula One race car, bearing #01. She comes to the second race in the World Grand Prix at Porto Corsa, Italy to cheer on her son. In the movie she is seen blowing kisses at Francesco.


  • Mama appears to have hair, unlike many other cars, although it is made out of metal.
  • Mama Bernoulli could be modeled on a 1960s Ferrari F1 racing car.



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