Mater the Greater is the 1st Cars Toon Mini-Game in Cars Race-O-Rama. It's also the 6th gold event.

Object of the game

You have to jump over Carburetor Canyon. You start by going down the big ramp. The longer you stay in the middle, the more points you earn. You can possibly reach 266 mph. Then when you are doing the jump, you have to try to stay in the air by doing that the game tells you to do. Then when you do the landing, you have to try to aim for the center of the target. If you do, you will multilpy your score by 3. A little off multiplies it by 2, and even more off won't multiply it. The amount of points you earn depends on which trophy you earn. If you earn a trophy, you will unlock Road Race 1.

Next and Previous Event

  • Mater the Greater

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