Merkur Kids is a German kiddie ride/Happy Kids touchscreen game manufacturer.
Logo Merkur Kids

Kiddie Rides/Booths/Happy Kids Touchscreen Games


Minnie Mouse

Toy Story

Tow Mater

Lightning McQueen (Rust-eze and Dinoco versions)

Mickey Mouse (train and car versions)

Little Einsteins

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney Princess

Winnie the Pooh (log and carousel versions)

Tigger (boat and carousel versions)

Donald Duck (sailing boat, car and airplane versions)


Disney Booths

Disney Kids Zone

Disney Kiosk


Red Sports Car

Little Queen Sports Car

Mustang Horse

Happy Kids Touchscreen Games





Sound effects can be heard when activated by a push of a button (if it's a car or truck, like Mickey Mouse Car, Tow Mater, the Red Sports Car, Lightning McQueen and many others)

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