Minny is a character in Cars and Cars 2.



"Minny and her husband Van love to go out and see the world. Unfortunately they rarely see their exit. Getting lost on vacation has become somewhat of a tradition for the couple. [Minny] enjoys the unplanned detours. They allow her to see interesting places and folks that she would never have planned on visiting. She just wishes that her husband could enjoy that time to stop and smell the roses, and if not, then at least stop and ask for directions."

In the Film

Minny is the wife of Van. She is seen in the Customers scene of Cars. She tells Van that maybe they should ask for a map but he says he has a GPS and never needs a map again. When Sally tells them she has a map inside the Cozy Cone (said this to get them to stay), Minny suggests that Van read the map. Van says no. Minny is last seen at the end of the film with Van while they are stuck in a desert and want to find an off-ramp.

Cars 2

Minny appears in the sequel, with her husband Van near the end of the film where she listens to Mater's story about being a spy, and she is liking his story.

Cars Land

Both Minny and Van appear in Radiator Springs Racers at Cars Land. After you almost crash into Mack, you will almost crash into Van and Minny.


  • Minny has been released in the Cars Die-Cast Line.
  • Minny and Van's names together are "minivan", a type of car.
  • Minny's license plate reads SL1-19.
  • Minny also appeared in the 2011 Target commercial. Mater calls her a "mom on a mission", which implies that she and Van may have at least one (so far unseen) child.
  • She is modelled after a 1996 Dodge Caravan.

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