Monster Truck Mayhem 3 is the 17th Gold Event in Cars Race-O-Rama.


(Mater was driving along when Tater and Tater Jr. arrived.)
Tater: "Mater, you won't believe the news!"
Mater: "Hey, hey, my new buddies!"
Tater: "Oh, we're just about ready to over heat! We're so happy! Bubba just told us that we're gonna get all the towing rights to Radiator Springs!"
Mater: "Whoo-hoo! That's great! You're gonna love it! Radiator Springs has a bunch of great cars: Flo's V8 Cafe, Ramone's, Sarge's, Fillmore's. . . Hey! Wait a minute! Radiator Springs has a tow truck, too! That would be me! Hmm, I'm guess this is what city folk call a di-le-may."


The Race

This is a Monster Truck Race where you're racing 3 laps around Sarge's Boot Camp as Lightning McQueen against Mater, Sulley, Count Spatula, Ginormous, and The Crippler, unless it's on the PlayStation 2. If it's on the PlayStation 2, Count Spatula and Ginormous are not in the race. Place in the top 3 to win.

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