Motor City Speedway of the South is the 2nd in Cars: The Video Game. You need at least 40 trophies to race there.


Lightning went to Mack. "Alright Mack," said Lightning. "we got a race to get to!" "Piston Cup, here we come!" said Mack. So Lightning went into his trailer, and they were on their way to Motor Speedway.

The Race

You're racing as Lightning McQueen against 19 other racers. You must come in 1st for 10 trophies, 2nd for 6, and 3rd for 4. if you win, you will unlock Mater's Backward's Lesson and Sheriff's Chase.

Next and Previous Events

Story Mode

<< Previous Event This Event Next Event >>
<< Sarge's Off Road Challenge Motor Speedway of the South Mater's Backwards Lesson >>

Piston Cup Races / Events at the Same Target

<< Previous Event This Event Next Event >>
<< Palm Mile Speedway Motor Speedway of the South Sun Valley International Raceway >>

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