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Ornament Valley Circuit is a road race in Cars: The Video Game.


Lightning McQueen goes into the gas station in Ornament Valley where he meets 4 racecars from New York: Vince, Barry, Sonny, and Lenny. "Hey, you're that Lightning McQueen guy," said Vince. "Yo, we're from queens!" said Barry. "Barry, be cool," Vince said to Barry, then he went to McQueen, "So, anyways, uh, we's got a, uh... opportunity for you." "Oh, yeah?" said Lightning. "Yeah," said Vince, "You think you's the best race car around, but if you wanna be the best, first you's gotta beat the best." Then all of the cars laughed. "And I take it that would be you's guys?" said Lightning. "What, you don't believe us?!" said Vince, "C'mon, tough guy, I will throw down with you, right here, right now!" "Yeah! Throw down!" yelled Barry, "Down to the ground! On the road!" Then Sonny hit him. "Ow!" he said. "OK, guys, no problem," said Lightning, "I accept your opportunity."


The race is 3 laps long. You get 5 trophies for first, 3 for second, and 2 for third. You play as Lightning McQueen, and your opponents are Sonny, Barry, Vince, and Lenny. The race happens in Ornament Valley during the day.

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