Petrov Trunkov is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

Petrov is a greenish Zaporozhets car who is part of the Trunkov family that works with Professor Z.

"Petrov hails from a tiny village on the Baltic Sea where temperatures in winter drop down to a frigid -10C. And if that's not enough, the salty air and rocky roadways have irreversibly corroded his body panels. But Petrov really doesn't mind. In fact, he likes his engine air very cool, and thinks the bubbling rust makes him look more 'mileage mature'. Add the fact that he carries most of his weight in his rear-end and it's a wonder he doesn't break in half when the going gets rough."


  • Petrov is modeled as a ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets with one adjustment: the letter T on his front bumper which stands for his last name; Trunkov.
  • According to his die-cast version, Petrov's license plate is 19-71 SMK. In the movie, during the fight in London, when Holley crashed two Pacers into two Trunkovs with her wings, the Trunkov on the right has that license plate. The one on the right has 70-21 SCB.
  • The Geo Trax toy version of him shows his name as "Petrov Oilski" instead of Petrov Trunkov.


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