Point to Point 2 is one of the Circuit Races in Cars Race-O-Rama.

The Race

The race is a start-to-finish race, meaning that the starting line and finish line are not at the same place. You're racing as Lightning McQueen, and your opponents are Doc Hudson, Candice, and Fillmore on the PlayStation 2. On other consoles, Sarge, Flo, Doc Hudson Student 1, and Ramone are added. Place in first to get a gold trophy, second for the silver trophy, and third for bronze. If you win, you will unlock the next Point to Point race.

On the PlayStation 2, the race is called "Point to Point 1." The Point to Point 1 that's on other consoles doesn't exist on the PlayStation 2.

Circuit Races
<<<< {{{prev2}}} << Point to Point 1 < Point to Point 2 > Point to Point 3 >> Point to Point 4 >>>>

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