Ponchy Wipeout is a with crashing for him causes wipeout crash. One of this, the criminals driving this car. He reappears in Cars 3, after the Los Angeles International Speedway, he gets replaced by Paul Conrev. He is sponsered by Bumper Save.

"Ponchy was working as a stunt double on a movie about a pair of wise-cracking California Highway Patrol officers called "HighJinx" when he was spotted and recruited to be a professional race car. Ponchy's gone from the big screen to the little screen, but at least it involves a lot less intentional crashing."


In Cars 3, Ponchy is one of the racers in the 2016 seaso. After the race at Los Angeles International Speedway, Ponchy was replaced by Paul Conrev.



  • According to Cars Finder, Ponchy Wipeout is a Brawny Motor Co. Spark GT. In reality, this make and model does not exist.
  • Despite Ponchy as one of the veterans still standing in the Los Angeles 500, Ponchy is the second worst racer that time, making Murray as the worst and Darren as the third worst.