Prince Wheeliam Philip Arthur Louis is a character in Cars 2.


Prince Wheeliam of England is an avid racing fan. He can't believe his luck that the final race of the one-of-a-kind World Grand Prix is happening on the streets of London. Though he must remain impartial when by his grandmother, the Queen's side, he is privately rooting for his fellow Brits Lewis Hamilton and Nigel Gearsley to cross the finish line first.


  • Wheeliam is based on the real Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. He is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Wheeliam is modeled after a 2009 Bentley Continental GT.
  • His wheel trims and the roof are modeled after the British Flag.
  • Wheeliam bears a paint job that had first been designed for the character Lewis Hamilton, before being discarded by Lewis Hamilton, who preferred a black and yellow design.