"The race starts and I say: До Свидания."
—One of Pyotr's lines

Pyotr Racinov is a Russian racer in Cars: Fast as Lightning. He is the only character, not to appear in the film. It is unknown who voices Pyotr. He has brown eyes and a white, red and blue paint job with a red and white star on his bonnet.


  • His make is exactly the same as Max Schnell's, a BMW M3 GTR.
  • Mattel has never released a diecast of Pyotr.


"The race starts and I say Goodbye!"
—Line 1

I will leave you in a cloud of my exhaust!"
—Line 2

"Do you need me?"
—Line 3

The race starts and I say: До Свидания."
—Line 4

Some upgrades will suit me very well."
—Line 5

"Привет comrade!"
—Line 6

"Soon I will see you at the finish line."
—Line 7

"Get ready for a whole new ME."
—Line 8

"Hello comrade!"
—Line 9

"Get ready for a whole new Russian racer!"
—Line 10

"Yes, I think I'll have fun here."
—Line 11

"Let us see what we can do, yes?"
—Line 12

"Until next time!"
—Line 13

"До Свидания."
—Line 14

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