Race O Rama
John clements race o Rama

John clements race o Rama

is a funfair ride.

All About The Race O Rama Ride

The ride features 8 different characters: Lightning McQueen (2x), Billy Oilchanger, Eugene Carbureski, Chick Hicks, Aiken Axler, Claude Scruggs and The King. Other characters are on the glasses like Tow Mater, John Lassetire, Ramone, Doc Hudson, Red, Mack, Finn McMissile, Francesco Bernoulli, Flo, Sally Carrera, Lightning McQueen, Holley Shiftwell, Sheriff, Luigi, Fillmore and Sarge. Each car has a different facial expression and the ride comes in different designs. On the banner says "Let's Race!". Some Race O Ramas don't have a banner.


Eat my dust


She likes me for my body

Catch me if you can

Burn rubber

Speed Faster than fast Quicker than Quick

Burning up the track

Float like a Cadillac Sting like a Beemer


  • This ride is a non-licenced Cars product.
  • Eugene Carbureski has no white lining across his body.
  • Aiken Axler, Claude Scruggs, Eugene Carbureski and Billy Oilchanger don't have their grilles, but Chick Hicks has his moustache.
  • There are two cars modeled after Lightning McQueen for no reason.
  • Claude Scruggs has no black lining across his hood. One Race O Rama shows him with a black lining.
  • One Race O Rama features Mater. You won't see a Race O Rama with Mater as one of the ride-on cars.
  • Race O Rama has sound effects and phrases from the game and the movies, as well as safety announcements and phrases from the race announcer. The sounds are controlled by a sound box with 16 buttons, a volume control and a blue "autoplay" button.
  • One Race O Rama features names instead of phrases on the car's backs. Aiken Axler is James, one Lightning McQueen is Henry, Billy Oilchanger is Sienna, the other Lightning McQueen is Johnson, Chick Hicks is John, Claude Scruggs is Ava, Eugene Carbureski is Teoni and The King is Devon.



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