Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre

Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre showing 'Toy Car Story' in the post credits scene.

Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre during the day

The movie theatre during the day.

The Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre is a movie theater that appears in Cars, its post-credits scene, and Cars 2.


  • For the first Cars, Pixar did a scene in which Sally and Lightning McQueen go on a date at the theater to watch a film starring Finn McMissile. (This did not make it to the final movie.) [1]
  • The theatre appears in the end post-credits scene in Cars, showing "Toy Car Story", "Monster Trucks, Inc." and "A Bug's Life", references to Toy StoryMonsters, Inc. and A Bug's Life.
  • In the post credits scene, when Mack comments on one of the actors from A Bug's Life, he says that they are just using the same guy over and over again. Ironically, Mack is voiced by the same actor that plays the Hamm Truck in Toy Car Story, the Abominable Snowplow in Monster Trucks, Inc., & the P.T. Flea Car in A Bug's Life.
  • In Cars 2, the theater is passed by, and the marquee reads "The Incredimobiles", a reference to The Incredibles.


  1. "Finding Nemo...and Woody, Buzz, Mr. Incredible, Lightning McQueen & more" Young, John Entertainment Weekly, June 17, 2011

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