Relay Race 2 is the 2nd Relay Race in Cars Race-O-Rama.


The race is 2 laps (PlayStation 2)/3 laps (other) around Motoropolis City. You have to place 1st to get a gold trophy, 2nd for silver, and 3rd for bronze. On the PlayStation 2, since there are only 2 teams, there aren't really any trophies.


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii

Your Team Team #2 Team #3 Team #4
Lap 1 Doc Hudson Student 1 Doc Hudson Student 2 Chick Hicks Student 1 Chick Hicks Student 2
Lap 2 Ramone Doc Hudson Student 3 VIN Chick Hicks Student 3
Lap 3 Street Racer Lightning McQueen Doc Hudson Stinger VIN

Even if you're a different form of Lightning McQueen in exploring mode, your Lap 3 team member is still Street Racer Lightning McQueen.

PlayStation 2

Your Team Team #2
Lap 1 Doc Hudson Student 1 Chick Hicks Student 1
Lap 2 Ramone VIN

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