Rustbucket Race-O-Rama is a race in Cars: The Video Game.


In the cut-scene, Lightning McQueen finds Mater going back and forth hitting a barrier. Lightning says to Mater "Mater, you realize of course, most cars do not do that on purpose." Then Mater said "Well, I gotta practice for my race. I'm a real racin' car now!" Lightning looks up at the sign, and said "The Rustbucket Race-O-Rama, huh? Lemme guess. Demolition derby." "Yep," Mater said, "it's my favorite racin' track in the whole world. Well, it's a family tradition!" Then he looks at his right and says, "Look! There's my cousin Tommy Joe right there!" Tommy Joe comes over and yells "New guy!" and hits Lightning. "Ow!" Lightning said, "What're you, crazy?!" "Aw, he just done give you a hoodbutt," said Mater, "That's Tommy Joe's way of sayin' hey." Then Tommy Joe said "Howdy!" "I got an idea!" said Mater, "Lightning! You wanna help us for our big race?" "No," Lightning said, "I think I'll sit this one out."

The Race

The race is a Road Race. It's 12 laps long. Each lap takes about 20 seconds to complete. You race as Mater, and your opponents are Tommy Joe, Cletus, Buford, Judd, Zeke, and Lewis. If you win the race, you get 5 trophies, 3 for second, and 2 for third.


In the end-scene, Mater leaves the race, and Lightning says, "Wow, Mater, I thought my races were rough, that was. . ." He stops for a moment and notices something. "You're missing a tooth!" "I am?" Mater asks, "No, I didn't have no teeth there before! Hey, Lightning, I won you a present!" and he throws a boost tank in front of him. "Check this out, I know how you love this boosty stuff!" "Wow," Lightning said, "thanks, Mater! Hey look, you didn't have to take all that abuse just for me, you know." "Abuse?" Mater asks, "That was fu-un! And besides, what're best friends for anyway?"

Arcade Mode

In arcade mode, you can play as Mater or Lightning McQueen, but you will have the same opponents that you have in Story Mode.

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